By Andrés Núñez Leites

Last weekend more than two hundred citizens (politicians, trade unionists, academics, students, social activists) met in Sarandí Grande and accumulated a huge critical mass of objections against UPM2. The national media did not even mention it.

This should worry us because it reduces the freedom of thought of the population (to the extent that it severely limits the materials for thought, depriving it of alternative discourses to that of power). Environmentalism should not be alien to the need for an ecology of our mind.

This should worry us because it constitutes an enormous act of symbolic violence, in the sense that only what the government, the false opposition and the Corporations propose is shown as "logical" and thinkable, while hiding the underlying power relations, and, when not denying, ridiculing the criticisms against conformist wisdom.

This should concern us in informing and informing us, in connecting, in speaking and listening. And I do not mean only remote digital communication, but analog communication, especially the face to face variant. In these months, overcoming my resistance to put in the head of other people subjects that were not there, I have recorded again and again in my memory the expressions of amazement and indignation that causes the knowledge, the awareness of the neocolonial bestiality of the corrupt pact between our government (with the approval of the opposition) and the Finnish Corporation.

We need to talk, respectfully, without impositions or fanaticisms, but we need to talk.


If you want to know more, you can listen to the audio of the Counter-audience in Spanish here.