By Andrés Núñez Leites

If it seems unfair to feminist organizations that the focus of the press and networks is on violent groups, on religious intolerance, on hatred of men, then they should condemn those attitudes, instead of justifying them.

If organized feminism is upset that feminism and machismo are equated, it should be explicitly and publicly distinguished from the misandry and the pathologization of masculinity.

If the militants of feminism want everyone to accept the idea that they are part of a movement that promotes equality, they should demand the repeal of the comprehensive law of gender violence against women (in Uruguay, Spain, etc.) and strongly defend the human rights of "all and everyone".

If feminism wants to be perceived as a force in favor of Human Rights, democracy and the republic, it should clearly position itself against the legal backwardness induced by the de facto abolition of due process and the presumption of innocence.

If organized feminism aspires to be recognized as a legitimate actor, it should show its sources of funding and be the vanguard of the transparency of civil society.