By Andrés Núñez Leites

I worked in a progressive liberal NGO, in non-formal education. The response to violence and bullying was always the hug and restraint for the assailant, because he did so out of lack of affection.

Those who beat quickly learned that if they were justified as #victims of family problems, they were not sanctioned. There were no sanctions. All rights, no obligations. Violence was permanent. Impunity could be felt in the air.

I said love yes, kindness yes, limits too. Limits channel the energy, allow the concentration of effort, adapt to society, civilize and discipline (oh, horror!). The poor children were denied the chance to learn to respect others.

There, led by a UN consultant on child rights (do you follow me, kind reader?), While proclaiming to protect the rights of the poorest children, they were condemning them to the margins of society.

All educators gave up, but the progressive machinery of fixing the poor in poverty continues to work, at full speed, and with great electoral and economic results.